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Thilo Muth

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Thilo Muth leads the eScience group. He studied bioinformatics at Friedrich Schiller University Jena, followed by a PhD in the bioprocess engineering group of Prof. Udo Reichl at the Max Planck Institute Magdeburg. In parallel to his PhD he worked as the lead software engineer for the glycoanalytical company GlyXera GmbH. In his PhD thesis, he evaluated and developed bioinformatics methods for protein analytics of microbial communities. After his PhD he worked as a team leader in the Bioinformatics Unit at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin. Since 2017 he regularly teaches in the Bioinformatics and lately Data Science Master’s courses at Free University (FU) Berlin. In general, he is interested in all sorts of digitalization tasks that lead to changes in an organization. From his perspective, the focus of the eScience group is to find and solve challenging problems in interdisciplinary work with colleagues from different scientific domains using data management and data science techniques. He also really likes coding in Java and Python and once in a while works on some pet projects…


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